My Experience At The Rice Aerospace and Aviation Academy

  • An atmospheric payload workshop
  • A rocket challenge workshop
  • A CAD workshop
  • PAIRIN career planning
  • A visit to Space Center Houston and the Kemah Boardwalk
  • A visit to Rice University and the Lonestar Museum
  • Keynotes from experts in the industry and an evening with experts

Atmospheric Payload Workshop

This was our mission patch! The name MARTIUS 50 came from an anagram of our first initials with some manipulations to it. Names censored for privacy.
These are examples of our silly putty test tubes. The control tube (left) was orange and stayed on the ground, while the test tube (right) stayed on the outside of the payload. The third test tube is not shown.
  • The silly putty would become more brittle due to low temperatures
  • The bubble wrap would pop due to decreased pressure
  • The batteries would gain voltage due to decreased temperatures
  • We had to keep the weight of the payload under 2 lbs
  • And we had to keep the payload balanced so that it didn’t interfere with the weather balloon’s path
Both teams working on the payload box
Predictions (left), physics (right)
Test launch inside the hotel
We had an arm attached to one of the payload boxes with a little lego astronaut on it. Our camera took some cool pictures of him! Rising (left), balloon burst (middle), falling (right).

Rocket Challenge Workshop

Initially, we used tagboard to make our fins, but they ended up being too flimsy during the test launch. We changed the fins to cardboard and covered the top with duct tape to prevent air from flowing through the holes in the cardboard.

CAD Workshop

The first rocket I created in CAD!

PAIRIN Career Planning

Space Center Houston & Kemah Boardwalk

A picture of me next to the Saturn V rocket!
Space debris! (left), Skylab mockup (middle), Valkyrie (right)

Rice University & Lonestar Museum

Subtopic introduction (left), aircraft check (middle), simulation (right)

Keynotes & Evening With The Experts

  • Dr. Leroy Chiao, a NASA astronaut that’s gone on four space missions and logged over 229 days in space
  • Dr. Patrick Rodi, a Lockheed Martin Engineer and researcher in high-speed aerodynamics, artificial intelligence, and numerical grid generation
  • Dr. David Alexander, a professor at Rice University that primarily studies the solar corona
  • Debbie Gary, a professional air show pilot
  • Dr. Ulyana Horodyskyj, a planetary and geoscientist, as well as a certified National Geographic educator and polar field guide
  • A deep passion for what you do will go far
  • The best skills you can work on for almost any future career are interpersonal skills
  • For learning hard, technical topics, become very familiar with the fundamentals
  • Aim (your goals) high — high enough that it's out of reach but not out of vision


An impressive card tower my friend made





15 y/o that loves space, science, tech, and philosophy.

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Chloe Wang

Chloe Wang

15 y/o that loves space, science, tech, and philosophy.

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