And the space technology up there might be destroyed from it.

When most people imagine space above the Earth, they probably imagine a pristine landscape with some satellites, rockets, and other space modules. What they don’t imagine is a danger zone full of space debris, ranging from the size of…

In the past few decades, research in stem cells has become extremely popular due to the potential stem cells hold in medical research and therapy. However, stem cells are difficult to obtain, and so far, difficult to scale., a cellular reprogramming startup, could have the potential to change that.

Image by Anusorn Nakdee

An Introduction To Stem Cells

Artificial intelligence (AI) is recognized as the future of not only technology, but humanity itself. It is the general consensus that within this century, AI will revolutionize the way humans live across nearly all industries.

We define artificial intelligence as the following:

The theory and development of computer systems able…

One of the many technologies being considered for future space flight programs are ion thrusters, which come from a subset of propulsion known as electric propulsion.

They’re particularly popular for their high efficiency and long accelerating times. Unlike chemical propulsion systems, which only have enough fuel to launch the rocket…

One of the fundamental rules of calculus is the product rule, which is used in calculating the derivative of the product of two functions. For the general function f(x)=g(x)*h(x), it is denoted as the following:

To help us visualize this concept, we need two functions. Let’s use sin(x) and .

For the past 12 days, I spent my time in Houston, Texas, at the Rice Aerospace and Aviation Academy. It’s a program aimed at high schoolers with a keen interest in aerospace, aviation, and engineering.

Ironically, the program wasn’t actually located at Rice University due to COVID-19. Instead, it was…

One of the most important derivatives in calculus is the derivative of the sine of x. It’s pretty simple to do with a proof — it’s mainly just using some trig identities and a few theorems.

The Traditional Solution

For solving the derivative of sin(x):

We can start by using the angle sum…

As the rate of advancements in the field of space begins to increase once again, we’re nearing another age of lunar exploration. Most notably, NASA is aiming to establish a human presence on the Moon within the next ten years through the Artemis Missions. …


Chemical rocket propulsion is not an efficient method of long-term space travel due to its requirements for large amounts of fuel for a small payload. Hall thruster systems are a subset of electric propulsion systems that may serve as an efficient alternative to chemical propulsion systems. Hall thrusters operate by…

I highly recommend reading my article on space debris before reading this. It has key prerequisites that help build the context of this article.

Space Debris, by ESA

Humans are heavily reliant on satellites. About 3,000 operating satellites help warn you of natural disasters, monitor the climate, provide GPS, maintain the atomic clock, provide…

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